New Castle News

March 13, 2013

Neshannock to set zoning map hearing date

Nancy Lowry
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — A hearing soliciting public comment on proposed zoning changes is required before Neshannock Township supervisors move ahead with updates.

The supervisors, eager to make zoning map changes, yesterday agreed to schedule a hearing, but they cannot set a date until they determine when township zoning consultant Roberta J. Serraf of Canonsburg is available to attend.

Chairman Ralph Sheen had anticipated holding the hearing, then voting on the changes at the next supervisors meeting April 2.

He was told that would not allow enough time to schedule the proceeding.

Township solicitor Lou Perrotta said the public hearing advertisement will list the 13 properties under consideration for zoning changes. The public must have the opportunity to comment, he said, and Serraf, zoning officer James Farris and AR Engineering, who prepared the proposed map, all should be there to answer questions.

Text changes to the zoning ordinance may not be ready in time for the public hearing to approve the map, and may be considered later, Perrotta said.

The supervisors also accepted the resignation of officer Alfred DeCarbo as township emergency management coordinator and appointed Caleb Duda to the post.

Duda is an experienced paramedic, has worked as a 911 dispatcher and is a township fireman.

DeCarbo, who has held the post since 2010, will become the township police department’s new canine handler when the township obtains its dog.

The supervisors transferred $6,000 from the township general fund to Bullocks Police K-9 of Greenville, N.C., toward the purchase of the trained police dog. Sheen said he anticipates that the dog will join the force next week.

The supervisors also were approached by police Lt. John Rand who requested the purchase of a new police cruiser. He said quotes had been received from two dealers, but he is checking prices with area car dealerships before making a recommendation to the supervisors.