New Castle News

May 17, 2013

Primary 2013: School board candidate tops campaign spending

John K. Manna
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Historically, spending by school board candidates has paled in comparison to those running for other local offices.

But not this year, at least with one candidate — George J. Gabriel.

Gabriel has spent $4,898.80 so far on his campaign for the New Castle Area School Board, according to expense reports filed at the Lawrence County courthouse.

That’s the most reported by candidates running in Tuesday’s primary in Lawrence County.

Friday was the deadline for candidates to file reports covering expenses and contributions through May 6.

The former New Castle schools superintendent reported $5,000 in contributions, all of it his money.

Mary Ann Tofel, who is seeking re-election to the board, was next highest in spending at $1,756.50. Her report gave no indication of the source of the funds.

Three other school board candidates have used their own money in their campaigns.

Mark Panella reported contributions of $2,000 and spending of $1,705.28.

Steve Fornataro had receipts of $1,800 and expenses of $1,622.10.

Anna Pascarella, who is seeking re-election, reported receipts and spending of $1,014.53.

Marilyn Berkely, who also is seeking another term, filed an affidavit saying her expenses or receipts have not exceeded $250. Candidates do not have to file reports if their expenses or receipts do not exceed $250.

District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa, who is unopposed for re-election to a second term, raised $5,580.

The figure includes $1,980 of his money plus individual contributions ranging from $100 to $250 totaling $3,600.

He spent $4,865.49 so far, much of it going to various local organizations.

City Councilman Thomas Smith has been the top spender among council candidates with expenses of $2,197.41.

Smith, a Democrat, reported $5,196.98 in contributions, which include $1,000 apiece from Andrew S. Matta, Chad W. Wise and Ken Cooper, all partners in Refresh Dental.

He also received $500 apiece from Robert John Wasko of Youngstown and MS Consultants political action committee. The receipts included $446.98 of his money.

Anthony Adamo, a Democrat, reported expenses and receipts of $2,135.70 in his campaign for council. Contributions included $600 from Fred Droeder, $500 from John Albano and $685.70 of his money.

Councilwoman MaryAnne Gavrile, a Democrat seeking re-election, reported receipts of $1,550, which included $1,000 of her money and $500 from Joan Rogers. Gavrile reported spending $1,356.86.

Tim Fulkerson, a Democratic council candidate, reported expenses and receipts of $1,620.30, all his money.

Half of his spending went toward signs and advertisements as in-kind contributions to Jim Lombardo, who is running for council on the Democratic ballot.

Lombardo reported $810.15 in in-kind contributions from Fulkerson.

The New Castle school board and council candidates not listed did not file a report.