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August 3, 2013

Turnpike to go all-electronic for toll collecting


The cash-strapped Pennsylvania Turnpike is five years away from eliminating more than 600 toll collector jobs as the 550-mile long system switches to all-electronic tolls at the 70 plazas spread across the Commonwealth.
Turnpike officials say 72 percent of the 186.5 million vehicles that use the turnpike already employ the E-ZPass system to automatically pay tolls.
As E-ZPass has become more popular, the turnpike has slowly reduced the number of toll collectors, shedding 270 of those jobs, turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo said.
Toll collectors’ starting pay is $19 an hour, but many make more than $22 an hour, government records show.
With overtime, 10 toll collectors made in excess of $75,000 last year. The highest-paid toll collector took home $94,487 in 2012, government payroll records show.
The turnpike is paying consultant HNTB $6 million to help to come up with the plan to replace the toll collectors with a system that combines the E-ZPass technology with cameras that can read license plates to bill motorists.
Turnpike officials say it costs at least five times as much to collect tolls from motorists paying cash as it does to accept payment electronically, said Alan Williamson, program manager for the turnpike commission’s transition to all-electronic tolling.
As a result, the system has already begun to punish motorists who want to pay cash instead of subscribing to E-ZPass.
Last month, the turnpike commission voted to increase tolls 2 percent for E-ZPass users and 12 percent for non-E-ZPass drivers. For instance, on the trip from Breezewood to New Stanton, the toll for an E-ZPass driver will increase from $7.10 to $7.25. The toll for non-E-ZPass drivers will increase from $9.10 to $10.20. That means, next year the toll for motorists who pay cash will be $2.95 more for the same trip.
The turnpike uses the license-plate reading cameras to nab drivers who fly through the E-ZPass lane even though they don’t have a subscription.

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