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June 16, 2013

County Marcellus Shale revenue outlined

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Lawrence County and its 27 municipalities will receive near a half-million dollars in Marcellus Shale impact fee revenue.

The revenue — $442,015 — was collected for 2012 under a measure passed last year by the Legislature.

State Sen. Elder Vogel announced the distribution of funds in his district that takes in the majority of Lawrence County. The balance is in the portion of the county represented by state Sen. Bob Robbins.

Lawrence County government will receive $207,646.60 of the total. The next largest amounts — more than $30,000 — go to North Beaver and Pulaski townships.

Following are the amounts to be distributed to the county’s municipalities by July 1:

•Bessemer — $965.85

•Ellport — $1,157.17

•Ellwood City — $6,074.05

•Enon Valley — $295.01

•Hickory Township — $2,902.69

•Little Beaver Township — $29,694.73

•Mahoning Township — $4,043

•Neshannock Township — $9,697.60

•New Beaver — $2,246.29

•New Castle — $19,203.20

•New Wilmington — $1,773.63

•North Beaver Township — $33,818.64

•Perry Township — $23,111.68

•Plain Grove Township — $2,012.53

•Pulaski Township — $38,407.08

•Scott Township — $29,942.50

•Slippery Rock Township — $5,038.13

•SNPJ — $77.95

•Shenango Township — $7,860.51

•South New Castle — $355.50

•Taylor Township — $1,390.22

•Union Township — $5,103.89

•Volant — $134.77

•Wampum — $670.13

•Washington Township — $1,635.29

•Wayne Township — $3,252.36

•Wilmington Township — $3,504.66

Money is distributed to counties and municipalities based on the number of wells drilled in those communities. Funds are distributed to municipalities without wells based on population and highway miles.

The money can be used for various categories including:

•Construction, maintenance and repair of roads and bridges

•Water, storm water and sewer systems

•Emergency preparedness and public safety

•Tax reduction, including homestead exclusions

•Environmental programs, including trails, parks and recreation, open space, flood plain management, conservation districts and agricultural preservation

•Delivery of social services

•Judicial services

•Deposit into a capital reserve fund to be used solely for any of the above purposes.