New Castle News

February 18, 2014

Signs put up at dangerous intersection

Mary Grzebieniak
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — PennDOT has erected new signs warning of a dangerous intersection at Route 317 and State Line Road.

Two people have died in traffic accidents there, one last month.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation took the action Friday after the North Beaver Township supervisors had contacted it. The supervisors were responding to Linda McFate’s request at their Feb. 10 meeting for improvements at the intersection.

McFate, who lives at the intersection, said Monday she also has been encouraging people who visit her Facebook page to contact PennDOT and ask for changes at the intersection.

Two new signs have been erected on westbound Route 317 warning of the approaching intersection. Two signs also were erected on State Line Road south of the intersection warning of the approaching stop sign and two larger, taller stop signs have been placed at the left and right of the intersection.

Paul Henry said Monday that he and his fellow supervisors will continue to press PennDOT for a traffic safety study at the intersection.

They also will contact Ohio officials about improving the approach from the other side. Ohio and Pennsylvania each take care of their half of State Line Road, he said.

McFate, who lives at the intersection and has been trying for years to get changes there, said she is happy with the improved signage there but added, “I’d really like to see a red light or blinker light there.”