New Castle News

January 29, 2014

Elections board approves polling sites

John K. Manna
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — The Lawrence County Board of Elections approved polling place changes Tuesday in areas where election districts have been realigned.

The realignment, which consolidates some districts and adds others, was approved by the Pennsylvania Department of State in December.

Changes will be made in nine municipalities, resulting in a net reduction of election districts from 79 to 75.

The board approved sites for the following:

•The newly created Eighth District in Neshannock Township — Hutchison Community Center in Pearson Park.

•The Third District of Neshannock Township — Moving from Hutchison Community Center to First Baptist Church on West Maitland Lane.

•Scott Township — Scott Township Volunteer Fire Station. Even though the township’s one district has been divided into two, all township voters will continue to vote at the station.

•First District of Shenango Township — Moving from Castlewood Fire Station to Savannah United Methodist Church on Savannah Gardner Road.

•The newly created Sixth District of Shenango Township — Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Old Butler Road.

New sites for the Seventh District of Neshannock Township and the Second District of North Beaver Township will be determined by the board later.

The changes will take effect for the May 20 primary.

Ed Allison, county elections director, said new voter registration cards are being mailed to all affected voters. Any questions should be directed to the voter registration office.

Districts were realigned to bring voter registration rolls into compliance with the state election code. The code requires districts to have no fewer than 300 voters and no more than 1,200. All districts in the county will be below the maximum number with the changes.