New Castle News

April 18, 2013

Jail’s state inmate pay boosted to $65 a day

Debbie Wachter
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — As parole-busting inmates are herded into the local jail, its income will be more than county officials had expected.

The Lawrence County Prison Board has learned Pennsylvania will pay $65 per day to house the state parole violators, an increase from the $50 it had received for housing state criminals.

That financial news was delivered to the prison board Wednesday by jail personnel.

So far, two state parole violators have been committed to the Lawrence County jail, with more to come, the state has promised.

Those first two arrived Friday, warden Brian Covert said. Three more are expected this week, with hopes for a few dozen more in May.

The county expects to house about 40 parole violators.

Previously, the county housed state inmates considered to be nonviolent offenders. But after a new state prison in Centre County was finished, the state inmates were moved out of the county in January, leaving empty beds and a hole in the county budget.

The county had been receiving $50 per day for those prisoners and that rate continued until recently, when the state negotiated a uniform rate for counties statewide.