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November 6, 2013

Election 2013: School board members selected

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Voters elected four candidates for four-year terms in each of Lawrence County’s eight school districts yesterday.

Party affiliation is listed only for candidates who won one party’s nomination in the primary election or ran as an independent. All other candidates listed received both Republican and Democratic nominations in the primary.

In all the districts except New Castle and Wilmington, four candidates were on the ballot to fill four seats. In those two districts, the winning candidates are bold-faced.

Beaver County’s Blackhawk is listed here because Enon Valley is part of that district.

Following are the unofficial results, which include votes from Beaver County for the Ellwood City school district and Mercer County for the Wilmington district.


Marilyn K. Berkely, 1,658 votes

Philip P. Conti, Republican, 1,138 votes

Mark Panella, 1,635 votes

George J. Gabriel, 1,481 votes

Steve Fornataro, Democrat, 1,520 votes


Renee L. Pitrelli, 1,674 votes

Anthony J. Buzzelli, 1,736 votes

Matthew Morella, 1,658 votes

Kathleen A. Pansera, 1,696 votes


Kevin Patterson, 643 votes

Steve Sickafuse, 681 votes

Lance Nimmo, 649 votes

Jeff Hammerschmidt, 628 votes


Scott A. Singer, 1,061 votes

Lori Griffin, 998 votes

Stephen Cardella, 977 votes

James M. Capalbo, 945 votes


Karen L. Houk, 864 votes

James J. McFarland, 875 votes

P.J. Copple, 818 votes

David Antuono, 986 votes


Ron Martin, 672 votes

Denise Palkovich, 686 votes

J. Gary Senko, 667 votes

Joseph R. Gaus, 672 votes


Don Friend, 411 votes

Carmen Merolillo, 363 votes

Arin Biondi, 382 votes

Samuel J. Marino, 355 votes


Joe Kollar, 1,103 votes

Lynn L. Foltz, 891 votes

Jennifer Hunt, 866 votes

Scott Frederick, Republican, 868 votes

Carrie Hahn, Democrat, 454 votes

Autumn Miller, Independent, 940 votes


Perry L. Pander, 646 votes.