New Castle News

November 15, 2012

Police surround house, arrest meth suspect

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Police broke down a door to arrest a man accused of manufacturing methamphetamine.

Scott Allen Shoaff, 38, of 113 1/2 Atlantic Ave., had been arrested in the summer for allegedly manufacturing the illegal narcotic in his house. His case went to court, but he failed to show up for his call to trial on Oct. 17, according to court personnel.

The judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest and his original bond was rescinded. He has been at large since then.

Members of the city police narcotics bureau and the Lawrence County District Attorney’s office drug task force took Shoaff into custody again last week upon learning he was at his house at 113 1/2 Atlantic Ave.

They found him hiding in the basement under a blue plastic swimming pool, according to reports.

Police said they drove past his house Nov. 8 and saw a maroon minivan with two women in it pull in front of it and park. Then the van pulled away a minute later and they followed it to McGrath Manor on West Washington Street.

The officers asked the women if they knew where Shoaff was, and one of them said he was in his house.

The police went back and surrounded his house and called him outside several times using a loudspeaker. When he didn’t emerge, they broke through the door and found him.

Shoaff was taken to the Lawrence County jail.

Shoaff previously had been arrested in June for allegedly operating meth labs on Balph Avenue in the city and at his home with two other individuals.