New Castle News

August 30, 2013

Mosquito spraying planned in Shenango

By Staff

NEW CASTLE — The Lawrence County West Nile Virus Program will conduct adult mosquito treatments in Shenango Park Monday.

Spraying in Shenango Township is being performed in areas where sampling by the Lawrence County West Nile staff has shown unusually large numbers of mosquitoes that potentially can carry West Nile Virus.

Unfavorable weather conditions or unforeseen events could delay or cancel the treatment.

Residents in the treatment area are asked to keep doors and windows closed and stay indoors between 7 and 10 a.m. The park will be closed during those hours and reopen after 10 a.m.

County staff will use a truck-mounted ultra low-volume unit to spray Anvil 10+10 in the areas to be treated. Officials say the pesticide has no impact on human health or pets and breaks down quickly in the environment.

Questions regarding the spraying or the Lawrence County West Nile Program should be directed to Janice Hassen, Lawrence County West Nile coordinator, at (724) 654-8370.