Editor, The News:

The letter of Nov. 14 that suggests Sean Hannity of Fox is a paragon of journalistic fairness is laughable.

The writer accuses the mainstream media of being “fake news.” (Funny, when Obama was  president every feature about him was accepted as a fact, but  reporting the truth about Donald Trump is “fake,” huh?)

When did Hannity or any “Fox friends” ever say anything good or positive about Barack Obama the eight years he was president?

Right-wing talkers, some of the guest commentators on Fox, called him a  “socialist,” a “communist” – just about all names under the sun.

A prime example of Sean Hannity’s bias was the Cliven Bundy incident.

Bundy was the Nevada rancher who cheated the government out of a million dollars worth of grazing fees.

On federal lands, when Bureau of Land Management agents showed up to confiscate Bundy’s cattle,  they were met by a cadre of white militiamen totting assault rifles threatening to kill the federal law enforcement officers.

Hannity was broadcasting live from the ranch, interviewing Bundy and putting his mug on television. Sean portrayed Bundy and his  paramilitary defenders as “patriots.” (If Cliven and his troop were African-American or Muslims does anyone think Hannity would have  still been there? I believe the answer would be hell no!)

Unarmed peaceful protestors of the Black Lives Matter movement were called “thugs” and “anarchists” by a former Fox talker, yet white guys poised to assassinate federal officers for doing their duty are  emulated as “patriots” – no bias there, huh?

What if unarmed white citizens were being systematically brutalized and killed by black cops? I’d bet Hannity would be the first one  screaming “racism” and demanding congressional and Department of  Justice investigations.

Robert Zbegan

Shenango Township

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