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I swear, I've never been drunk or high on drugs. After I painted the ceiling to our living room, I'm beginning to question that. I couldn't miss this many spots if I was wearing a blindfold. I went over it a second time, and still have places I missed.

After the paint dried, I realized the last time I painted the ceiling I used a semi-gloss paint. The one I'm using now is a flat paint. I need some rotating colored lights shining on the ceiling, to show all the different effects of what it looks like.

It's nice being tall so I didn't have to stand on a ladder to paint. But my body felt the pain from stretching all day.

My wife was in charge of drop cloths for this event. She chose the $1.98 shower curtains from Ollies. They worked fine. When we put one on the floor, my dog felt this was his new place to lay, which became a pain when I wanted to paint that area. He never once moved.

In my younger days, I painted the living room in one evening. I'm now on my second week of this project with no end in sight. With all the spots I missed on the ceiling, I may be another 2 weeks just on that.

Then there is the problem with the paint we bought for one wall. The shade is called "Cookie Dough." Every time I stir it up, I get the urge for peanut butter cookies.

I hope I get done painting by Christmas. I don't think our tree just would look the same, with a shower curtain from Ollie's covering it instead of tinsel.

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