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I probably should not attend meetings, because I have the tendency to act up a little.

I went to a new knee meeting with three other couples, and one single woman. I was told the meeting would be in the Rose Room. My first question when I entered the room was, "If this is the Rose Room, why is it painted blue?" This brought some laughter from the other patients.

We were promised a free gift if we attended, and the presenter gave us an ice bag. I told her that I was expecting a new car, which also caused some snickering.

But that wasn't the big memory that I will have of that meeting. What I may never forget is, for the first time in my life, I got hit on.

There I was, at a knee meeting with my wife by my side, when we were asked to take a walk to view the rooms we will be in. As I was standing by the one lone women, she looked up and me and said, "My, you're big!" Since I am big, I politely agreed with her. I thought our conversation was over, when she suddenly started rubbing my biceps, a lot! I can't ever remember a woman doing that to me, especially in front of my wife. I guess emotions just overtook her. It's hard to realize that I was that much of a hunk.

Fortunately, our knee operations are scheduled on different weeks or I may have had to lock my patient room door.

To add to that, I was the only one in the group that got a hug from the presenter. I'm starting to really look forward to my knee surgery. I hear the nurses really treat us old guys nice.

It's just too bad that I'll be in so much pain, I won't be able to enjoy my two days of pampering.

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