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I'm not into the drug culture, and don't know much about it.

But there comes a time when one must think that a person may have tried a joint or two before going to work. For instance, the guy that made the signs directing drivers to the Pittsburgh International Airport during the current road construction. He would have had to be under the influence of crack cocaine while he was hanging the signs.

I went to the airport to pick up my brother, who flew in from Florida. I followed the signs, and ended up at the old airport, further down the road. I turned around, and was able to find the airport, traveling in the opposite direction.

My ever-critical wife blamed me for making a wrong turn. I blamed her for telling me to go the wrong way. Whosever fault it was, I was bound and determined to correct it on my brother's return trip. I had him watching, my wife watching, and myself watching, and still ended up at the same location, the old airport.

Trying to get back home coming out of the airport became a little challenging this time. I have no idea where all I went to get home, but the sign Weirton W. Va. appeared a few times.

When I write something for The News, it is always proofread before it makes the paper. I don't think anyone proofread the signs, or maybe the proofreaders are still riding around trying to find the airport.

So, if you need a ride to the airport, I will not take you. If you need picked up at the airport, I will not pick you up.

If you need picked up or dropped off at the New Castle Airport, I'm your man.

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