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After more than 200 of these things, you guys probably get the point about what the old Couch Potato likes and dislikes. In fact, if you’ve been reading the past four years, you probably know more about me than you do your own spouse or children.

That being the case, it’s a good time to find some different opinions about popular entertainment, so we’ll go to the most trusted sources I know, French Fry One and French Fry Two.

For some perspective, French Fry One is a 9-year old girl, and French Fry Two is a 6-year old boy.


Couch Potato (CP): What are some of your favorite television shows to watch and why?

French Fry One (FF1): I like “Walk the Prank” and “Nicki, Ricki, Dickie and Dawn.” I really like the quads on “Nicki, Ricki, Dickie and Dawn” and I like when they scare people on “Walk the Prank.”

French Fry Two (FF2): I like “Odd Squad” and “Walk the Prank.” I like “Odd Squad” because they have a bunch of gadgets and everything’s odd. “Walk the Prank” is good because they do a bunch of pranks on people and they’re all the funny.

CP: What are your favorite “grown-up” shows to watch on television and why?

FF1: I like “The Goldbergs,” “Modern Family” and “America’s Got Talent.” “Modern Family” and “The Goldbergs” are good because the families are really funny. “America’s Got Talent” is fun to watch because I like all of the tricks that the people do on the show.

FF2: I like “American Ninja Warrior” and “Spartan” because you get to watch people do, like, all of these obstacles and it’s fun to watch.

CP: What’s the best movie you’ve watched lately and why?

FF1: “The Goonies” was good because they went on a hunt to find the treasure and got stuck on the ship with the bad guys chasing them.

FF2: I like “Back to the Future” because people start shooting this guy and the high schooler gets in the car and turns it on and goes 88 mph and goes back in the past and they know that the lightning bolt is going to strike the tower at 10:05 and then it strikes and he already started but he still had enough time.

CP: What’s your favorite popular songs to listen to and why?

FF1: I like Coldplay and Mat Kearney because I listened to them whenever I was little and ever since, too. They’re just good.

FF2: I like “Sky For of Stars” (it’s actually “Sky Full of Stars) from Coldplay because it talks about stars. I like that other song, but I don’t know what it’s called. That bungee song and that backwards song.

CP: What’s better, the drive-in movie theater or the regular movie theater or watching a movie at home?

FF1: I like the drive-in movie theater because you can go with your friends and play catch before the movie starts.

FF2: The regular movie theater because they sell popcorn and all of those snacks, and they have games that you can play there.

CP: What’s been your favorite thing to do this summer?

FF1: I like to go swimming because you get to play with your friends and family members whenever you go swimming and get to see people you don’t see all the time.

FF2: Swimming, because I like swimming! It’s fun!

Well folks, there you have it. As good as our entertainment choices are these days, there’s still nothing better than going swimming. Remember that the next time you’re laying around watching TV.

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