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It’s midsummer and the Couch Potato probably can’t get much lazier, so it’s time for your favorite type of column — Quick Hits!

•We continued our run of corny '80s movies, following up “Back to the Future” with “The Goonies.” I’ve seen “The Goonies” several times in my adult life, but this was my first viewing in a while, and I really just have to say, what a strange movie. Not a bad movie and not an uninteresting movie, but geez, whoever wrote this may have had a screw loose or something. I mean, the whole plot is totally outrageous, but how about when Data saves himself from falling onto the sharp spikes by implementing his novelty teeth extender? Come on! Or the whole Sloth storyline in general? Who comes up with this stuff? But like I said, it’s a funny enough movie, and the kids seemed to like it, so long live the weird '80s movie.

•Speaking of weird '80s movies, I was reminded of one when I watched a “Key & Peele” skit last night with my one buddy. In it, they flashed back to the '80s as Hollywood writers sat around a table brainstorming ideas for “The Gremlins” sequel. All of the sudden, an eccentric guy burst into the room and starts imploring them to come up with their most bizarre ideas, which he immediately loves and puts into the movie. The point of the skit is, the first “Gremlins” was strange, but it had some logic to it. The sequel was completely off the rails, and every wild idea that was mentioned in the skit, was actually in the real “Gremlins” sequel. Maybe it was just because everyone in the '80s was on drugs.

•My DVR recorded the entire series of “Inside Amy Schumer” over the past week or so, and I pretty much watched all of them after the French Fries went to bed each night. As I’ve said before, the show is extremely crass, but the four seasons produced were some of the funniest I’ve seen on TV in a while. The best episode by far is when the entire half-hour was spent parodying the 1957 court drama, “12 Angry Men,” with this version being 12 guys debating about whether Schumer was “hot” enough to actually be on TV. It’s not only interesting and funny, but is a sharp, biting criticism of our societal norms towards women.

•I watched Andy Samburg's latest HBO mockumentary, "Tour de Pharmacy," which pokes fun at the history of doping at the Tour de France bicycle race. The mockumentary follows a made-up version of the 1982 race, which features only five riders because everyone else has been disqualified for doping. The five riders obviously engage in a series of hi-jinx for comedic effect, as different commentators offer their perspective on the spectacle. Most notable among them is Lance Armstrong, who comments while thinking his identity is concealed, but is not. The movie is relatively funny, but is not as good as Samburg's previous "Seven Days in Hell," which made fun of Wimbledon and tennis in general, and also "Popstar," which poked fun at the music industry. Regardless, Samburg has found a niche and there's no reason for him to stop at this point.

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