Lawrence County

The Lawrence County treasurer’s office collected 92 percent of the collectible county taxes in 2017.

Treasurer Richard L. Rapone in a report to the commissioners Tuesday said the remaining properties — 5,525 parcels for which county taxes were not paid last year — have been turned over to the Lawrence County Tax Claim Bureau. The taxes due on those properties total about $1,920,000, Rapone said.

The potential for total tax collection in 2017 was $24,986,256. The amount collected was $22,913,946.

Bills for 2018 county property taxes will be mailed to property owners on Feb. 2, he said. 

The county because of its high rate of collections was able to pay off its tax anticipation note early last year, according to Rapone’s report. The county had borrowed $3.4 million at 1.2 percent interest from WesBanco. The early payoff of the loan resulted in a savings of $10,420 in interest, the report said.

The tax outreach program instituted in 2008 involves treasurer’s office employees going to different satellite collection sites during tax season and allowing residents to pay their taxes without having to travel to the courthouse. During its first year, $11,000 were collected in the outreach program. Last year, a total of $605,000 were paid in taxes at the satellite locations.

Additionally, 14,509 dog licenses were issued in 2017, and 10,354 doe licenses were issued, according to the report.

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