New Castle News

March 19, 2014

Leechburg accepts Meehan’s resignation

Nancy Lowry
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — The Leechburg School District has officially accepted the resignation of Terence P. Meehan as its superintendent.

Meehan tendered his resignation to the board effective Monday, turning down a five-year contract with the school district with a starting pay of $125,000.

 The Leechburg school board at a meeting Monday voted unanimously to accept his withdrawal from the offer.

Yesterday, Meehan’s picture as the new superintendent was removed from the Leechburg district’s website.

Leechburg interim superintendent, Frank C. Prazenica Jr., said neither he nor the school board will comment about circumstances regarding Meehan’s status due to personnel reasons.

Meehan had accepted the offer from the Armstrong/Westmoreland county school district in November, but he never officially started working there. Nor did he ever submit his resignation from the New Castle Area School District, where he remains employed as assistant to the superintendent.

Prazenica said yesterday Meehan was sensitive to the Leechburg district in his decision.

New Castle superintendent John J. Sarandrea said yesterday Meehan’s status as assistant superintendent at New Castle remains intact.

“The district never received a resignation from him,” Sarandrea said. “He had a number of things take place — sick leave, vacation leave, and a death in the family. He had a number of days off during that stretch of time but he was certainly allowed to use all of those days,” Sarandrea said.

 Meehan, a native of New Castle, said in November he had mixed emotions about leaving his home district, where he has worked for eight years. At the time, he said he planned to have dual residency, in Leechburg and in New Castle.

He said in November he had planned to take over his position in Leechburg in the wintertime after tying up loose ends with New Castle’s federal and other educational programs first.

In a statement last week he said he had been called to Florida this winter when his mother, Eileen Meehan, became critically ill. She died on Jan. 26.

Meehan has since decided that relocating for the Leechburg position was impossible and a daily commute was too far to be manageable for him, he said last week.