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April 24, 2013

Mohawk Junior High features young artists

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Mohawk Junior High students will display their artwork from 7 to 9 p.m. May 7 at the school.

The 23rd annual Junior High Art show is hosted by instructor Pam Pagley. It features the works of more than 200 seventh- and eighth-graders in a variety of diverse mediums. All pieces are original, proficient and carefully mastered.

Eighth-grade projects will include object in perspective, T-shirt designs, plaster masks, mask drawings, pop art designs, upside-down cartoon drawings, sketch book drawings, pumpkin crafts, Frankenstein craft and grid method drawings.

Seventh-grade projects will include landscape containers, color wheels, op art designs, mixed media grid method drawings and sketchbook drawings.

Judging will be done prior to the show by Mohawk Art IV seniors Paige Kline, Tori Tyler and Jessica Kline as a graded assignment. By using their artistic knowledge and talent, these students will experience a real life situation that will be included on their resumes.

The Art Department decided the seniors would  be an excellent choice as judges because of their previous experience in creating many of the same projects.

First-, second-, third- and fourth-place ribbons will be attached to the projects during the show by these judges as they mingle with family and friends.

It’s not the first time during the year that Pagley’s senior high art students will be interacting with their junior high counterparts. Eighth-grade art students were visited by Art I students Melissa Verlotte, Jeffrey McManigal, Katie Thompson, Mikayla Mangino, Courtney Hepler, Riah Yost, Sheree Moyer, Karrie Joseph, and Art II student Caitlyn Ponziani.

These students talked with the eighth-graders about their art experiences this year, about electing the Art I class for next year and on specific art work and the art club activities.

The eighth-graders were refreshed with new insight about the next level of art class. They asked questions such as; How many levels of art are there? What kinds of projects do you make? What mediums do you use on the projects? What are the difficult parts and easiest on the projects? Do you get homework?  Can you take the project home to work on? How many projects are there and how many levels of art are there? How much time is given to complete projects. The students all took turns answering the questions.

The Art I students brought in different projects to explain such things as upside-down drawings, tromploi-styled pencil sketches, two-point perspective drawings and large abstract oil crayon faces. They also discussed about an abstract cartoon painting that they were currently working on.

Specific art techniques were explained and demonstrated to the students.  It was interesting to see how the presentations sparked thee younger artists’ personal interests in their own work even more because of viewing interesting art work and  hearing about informative lessons.