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May 22, 2012

Mohawk approves administrator raises

By Staff
New Castle News


The Mohawk Area School Board last week authorized raises of $2,999 for key district administrators next school year.

The increases will boost the salary of superintendent assistant Lorree Houk to $95,499 for 2012-13;  high school principal Ray Omer to $94,499;  assistant high school principal Greg Ferencak to $72,999; elementary principal Bradlee Meehan to $80,499; assistant elementary principal George Sperdute to $66,499; director of pupil services Jamie Stevens to $85,223 and school psychologist James Glynn to $78,314.

Supervisory personal will receive raises of $2,072. They  are business manager/board secretary Janet Crum, whose salary will increase to $50,644; technology director Theresa McConnell, whose salary will be $57,022; assistant technology director David Gleghorn, $46,412 and transportation/ buildings and grounds supervisor Todd Exposito, $61,404.

The board also granted these raise amounts for other supervisors: cafeteria manager Robin Grebenz, $1,183; high school director of maintenance and asbestos supervisor Joe Werhnyak, $1,960; elementary director of maintenance David Clinque, $1,960; and bus mechanics Kurt Ordak and Rick Altman who each received raises of $1,420.

Support staff also received raises averaging 3.99 percent. The actual amount each received is contingent on years of service. They include 13 part-time and six full-time food service employees, 16 maintenance/custodian employees the maintenance/custodian supervisor, five regular and five confidential secretaries, 16 paraprofessional employees and 26 bus drivers.

School supervisor Kathleen Kwolek, who was paid $105,000 for this school year, was not included in this round of raises. Any salary increase she receives this year will be determined later.