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February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Proposals: Read the first list from our contest entries

We asked readers to share their marriage proposal stories with the New Castle News for a special Valentine’s Day Contest we are conducting. Here are today's contestants.


My day began with an apology letter from my boyfriend, expressing his sorrow for not being able to return home for our five and a half year anniversary. However, in lieu of his presence, a gift was waiting for me.
The first clue in the envelope led my sister and I to the place of Karl's and my first date. The second clue, to where we first met. The third clue, placed in a collectable tea cup, directed me to McConnell's Mill.
  Waiting at the top of a small waterfall were roses and a scrapbook. My mission complete, I sat to look through the scrapbook filled with pictures of our childhood, which then progressed to pictures of our years together.
  What a thoughtful anniversary gift! But 10 pages into the scrapbook, I noticed a solitary letter “r.” Were there letters on every page? I hurriedly flipped to the beginning of the scrapbook once again, only to discover the letter “W.” Each page helped to spell, “Will you marry me?”
Then, the last page of the scrapbook, with a space for a picture from that day, asking “Marry me?”
  Turning around, there he was on bended knee with more roses — and a ring!


Last April my fiancé, Michael, and I were on a cruise in the Caribbean. We had been planning this trip for a long time.
On the fifth day, when we were in St. Thomas, Michael had planned a day of surprises. He booked a private sailboat charter for the day. It was incredible and the scenery was breathtaking.
We snorkeled and saw many fish, turtles and stingrays. We also saw a lot of wild horses on the beach.
We had a gourmet lunch and enjoyed relaxing on the bow of the boat. We were taken to a private beach and Michael said it would be nice if we each drew a picture for each other. I was a little surprised, but agreed. I drew a picture of us on the boat and a turtle we saw. Mike came over to me and told me to close my eyes as he led me to the picture he drew for me. When I opened my eyes, I saw written in the sand, “WILL YOU MARRY ME.”
I turned around and Michael was on his knee and he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! Of course, I said YES!!! We celebrated with champagne and strawberries back on the boat and sailed around the islands until we had to return to the cruise ship where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner.
Mike came up with everything himself and kept it a secret from everyone so it could be special between us before anyone else knew. It was a perfect day!


Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved a girl. He took her to a place filled with unspoken stories hidden behind wrought iron fences and marble façades. There, beneath the violet blue sky and red autumn leaves, he laid a picnic on a satin cloth.
They drank sparkling cider as a toast to the love they had shared for almost six years. The boy motioned to a door, ornate wrought iron, weathered through its years of solitary guard, upon which was a single red rose.
“That’s a beautiful rose,” he said. “We should have your picture taken beside it.”
She knew the rose was meant for her. Not wanting to spoil his fun, she didn’t pay attention to the rose but merely posed beside it. He took the picture.
“What’s this?” he asked as he took the rose from the door.
He presented the rose, and bowed on one knee. Tied to the rose, by a ribbon, was the most beautiful ring. The boy smiled with pride and said, “I don’t think I even have to ask at this point.”
She laughed, “I think you do!”
By the grace of God they will love, happily ever after.


Mine was so simple .
My husband, Patsy, was in the Navy and he was making a career of it. We dated and we also knew each other as kids growing up. He sent me a letter and said, “will you marry me?”
That was it — nothing fancy. Just a simple one and, of course, I said “yes!”
On Jan. 29, we celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary. We spent 20 years as a Navy couple and my husband is a Vietnam veteran.
Ours was not a fairyland story, but to think we made it 55 years and still going. The 20 years he was in the Navy weren’t easy, as he was out to sea and only home, like, two or three months out of the year. But we stuck through it and raised three children.


I was very excited to hear of your Valentine’s Proposal Contest since my proposal was on the front page of the New Castle News on Valentine’s Day back in 1996.
My New Castle firefighter husband, Tom Bulisco, got his idea to propose to me from a dream I had had. I dreamed that while I was working as a waitress (at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House) he pulled up in the fire truck on his way to a fire and he told me he just needed to stop and give me a kiss.
And so that is where he got his idea and he followed through — and I said yes.
To my surprise, many people were in on his plan — my place of work, my friends, my family and even my hairdresser. It was an amazing proposal and an unforgettable memory.


Sept. 4, 2009, was just a regular workday for me. It was a couple weeks into the school year, and it was a very hot day. I took my classroom outside to play around 2:45 p.m., and at 3 p.m., a co-worker came outside and said all the teachers MUST get into the school immediately.
I quickly walked into the school and since it was almost dismissal, I had the kids get their coats and sit down. I sat in front of the room and started reading them a story because I wasn't sure what was going on.
Moments later, I see my boyfriend, now husband, walk around the corner of my class door with SIX dozen roses, a photographer, and a few teachers. He’s shaking, I’m shaking, and he gets down on one knee in front of my entire thrid-grade class and asks me to marry him.
I, of course, say yes, and my classroom claps and cheers! It was the most wonderful day and I was so shocked!! It was the most romantic day!! And my classroom being present was the best part!!!!


My fiancé proposed to me nearly nearly two years ago. We had been dating, long distance, (he lived in South Carolina and I lived here in Pennsylvania).
We had met years before when I lived in South Carolina and had lost touch and then reunited six years later. We dated for just over four years despite the many miles between us.
Both of us had been in bad relationships in the past and were both shy of the “M” word (marriage). So we took our time to really get to know each other.
In February 2011, his company had an awards banquet and they decided to fly me down to Clearwater, Fla., for the event. Ron picked me up from the airport and took me back to the hotel. When we entered the room there were sticky notes in the shape of footprints all over the walls, saying things like, “this way,” and “keep going.”
I followed the footprints over to my dress for the banquet, which was hanging on a hook and on the hanger was a ribbon with a ring atatched to it. Of course, I said yes!
He now lives in Pennsylvia and we hope to tie the knot within the next year or two.


In the summer of summer 1991, we went to the mall and passed a jewelry store. I decided to look like every woman does.  
Being so new in our relationship the thought of marriage never crossed my mind, until Sept. 13, 1991. I was at college. My husband, Rob, was watching me as I came out from my classes.
I was getting into my car. I found a note on my steering wheel that said, “Look in the glove box.” In the glove box another note said, “Look in the back seat.” In the back seat another said, “Look in the trunk.”
In the trunk, to my surprise, was a single rose, a heart-shaped pillow, and a ring box that was opened with a ring on it (it was the ring we looked at earlier that summer) and, of course, another note that said, “Will You Marry Me?”
 I was so shaken up I couldn’t think right. Then all of a sudden I felt these warm and loving hands on my sides. I turned around and to my surprise, he was on one knee and he said to me, will you marry me?
Of course, I said “YES!”


He drove to a school playground and parked the car. I was angry because I thought he wanted to neck.
The next thing he did was pull all the change from his pocket and he said, “Here!”
He held out his hand full of pennies.
I couldn't see what he wanted to show me so I lowered his hand to the interior car light and there among all his change was a diamond ring sticking up. I got so excited I didn't know what to do. He said, “put it on!”


My fiancé proposed to me using a puppy.
Pretty smart move on his part, if you ask me. What girl can refuse an adorable puppy?
We had just gone out to dinner. I was on the deck swing when I heard my fiancé say, “I have a surprise for you!” When I turned around, there he was, with an adorable puppy in his arms! She had the cutest little pink collar on, which was adorned with rhinestones.
I said, “She has little diamonds on her collar!”
That would have been enough for me, but, as it turned out, the dog wasn’t the only one with diamonds!
After the excitement died down a little, my fiancé said he had another surprise for me. That is when he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring box! I immediately started to cry and shout, “Yes!”
Pretty soon, my new fiancé even had tears in his eyes as we hugged and kissed. All the time, the dog sat in my lap. We named her Gemma, (GEMma ... get it?) and that is the story of how I became a dog owner and engaged to the love of my life all in one summer night!

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