New Castle News

January 31, 2013

Two roads, one name equal confusion

Nancy Lowry
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Lawrence County’s 911 system has been alerted to a potentially dangerous address problem.

Scott McConahy of Pulaski Road told the Neshannock Township supervisors that large trucks are attempting to deliver tons of steel coils to the wrong Honeybee Lane.

Neshannock Township’s Honeybee Lane is a residential street off Pulaski Road that has no place for the trucks to turn around once drivers realize their mistake, he said, adding the Honeybee Lane in Wilmington Township is in an industrial park.

“These drivers punch in the address on their global tracking system and they get the New Castle location, not the one in Wilmington,” he said.

McConahy estimated five to 10 trucks per week make this error.

Chairman Ralph Sheen said he believed those problems had been resolved by the 911 system.

The supervisors said Brian Melcer, Lawrence County’s director of public safety, would be contacted.

The supervisors also were asked to assist McGary Road resident Karen Houk, whose basement has flooded three times in the past month because of snow melt and rain.

Houk said she had contacted the supervisors in late December asking for help. She said she was told township engineers had been alerted.

“If they came I didn’t hear them,” she said. “I was in the basement running my ShopVac sucking up the water.”

She said it filled at the rate of 16 gallons of water every 10 minutes.

Houk noted the township had dug a diversion ditch through her yard to prevent water from going onto a neighbor’s property, but that was not a lasting solution.

Supervisor Ed Stevens assured Houk —a member of the Neshannock school board — that engineers are working on the problem.

However, he added, the supervisors may not have budgeted enough stormwater funds to resolve it.

At this week’s meeting the supervisors:

•Amended a police policies and procedures, allowing off-duty officers to work security

•Approved subdivision requests at Millennium Park for the Lawrence County Economic Development Corp. and Rita Crisci for Blackstone Drive.

•Agreed to purchase a $96,232.30 Zamboni for the Hess Ice Rink over five years and borrow the funds at 3.15 percent interest from Acceptance Leasing and Financing Services.