New Castle News

October 9, 2013

Election precinct plan adjusted

John K. Manna
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — The Lawrence County Board of Elections approved an adjustment Tuesday to a redistricting of election precincts.

The change affects only Slippery Rock Township, where the number of precincts would be reduced from three to two.

Ed Allison, county elections director, said the boundary under the original plan did not follow a street or natural geographical border and so “we had to realign to fall under the proper boundaries.”

The new boundary essentially runs through the center of Slippery Rock Township along Princeton, Firehall and Fox roads and Route 422.

Allison said each precinct would have about 1,000 voters, which meets the standard under the state election code. The election code requires precincts to have no fewer than 300 voters and no more than 1,200 voters.

The change has been presented to the township supervisors, who expressed no objections, Allison said.

The board of elections — consisting of the three county commissioners — has approved a plan that consolidates and adds some precincts throughout the county. The county would realize a net loss of four precincts, bringing the total to 75.

The changes are being made to bring voter registration rolls in compliance with the state election code.

The plan must be approved by the Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas and finally by the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Allison said the goal is for the plan to take effect for the May primary election.