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October 26, 2013

Making Narnia: Vo-tech students donate time, talents to help church create C.S. Lewis’ fantasy world



Still, while the students’ contributions may have ranked among the routine for them, they were considered a special gift by Puleo.

“Without this help, it would turn out to be a lot less,” the pastor said. “We would have had some Christmas trees, but not all that stuff on display and not all the energy and excitement.

“It ends up being a win-win for the church and the school because we get to step it up a little bit and do Narnia on a little bit bigger scale, but they also have the opportunity to use the skills and things that they’re learning at the school, then see that come to fruition, not just doing it for an assignment; they get to see what the kids are going to do.”

All that, she added, is not just icing on the cake, but rather, an integral part of the monthly ministry night.

“My thought is always to go big or go home,” Puleo noted. “I want the kids to be able to walk away from the church remembering the message. All of this reinforces that, so they’re not just coming in and hearing the message and coloring a page. They’re going to experience a little taste of Narnia; to taste it, see it and touch it.

“It’s a lot of work for one night, and some people ask why we do it. But we get this small window of opportunity to impact the kids. It will impact the kids who are coming, it will impact the teen-agers who are helping, it will impact the adults and it will be a memorable experience. We’re not just going to tell this story, we’re going to experience it together, and they’ll remember that for a long time.”



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