New Castle News

September 27, 2013

Briefs from this week's city council meeting

John K. Manna
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Six more houses in New Castle are set for demolition under a change order city council has approved.

The additional houses add $28,300 to a contract with Siegel Excavating, increasing the total to $96,388.

The houses to be demolished, all on the Lower East side, are:

•405 Whippo St.

•509 Whippo St.

•511 Whippo St.

•407 Pine St.

•414 Pine St.

•508 Countyline St.

City council approved the additional houses Thursday. The demolition will be paid from the city’s capital improvement neighborhood stabilization account.

Bond counsel named

Council named Cohen and Grigsby of Pittsburgh as special bond counsel to extend a line of credit for downtown revitalization.

The firm’s fee will not exceed $8,000 and will be paid from the city solicitor’s special litigation line item. Council also adopted an ordinance for the line of credit of $850,000, the approximate amount remaining from a $5 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Grant.

The current line of credit expires Nov. 18 and is being extended for two years.

Speed limit set

Council approved a 15 mph speed limit on Clarence Avenue and Vogan Street between Cascade Street and East Washington Street.

The ordinance adopted by council authorizes 15 mph speed limit signs to be posted on the two streets.

Cpl. Christopher Fabian of the New Castle police, who recommended the speed limit, said in a memo to council that he has received numerous complaints from residents about drivers speeding and driving recklessly on the two streets.

Carousel project cost adjusted

Council approved a decrease of $258.28 in a contract for replacement of the carousel building roof at Cascade Park.

The change order represents labor and material savings and reduces the contract with Heck Construction and Roofing to $81,499.72.