New Castle News

September 26, 2013

Photos, Story: Scottie Way offers road to rewards

David Burcham
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Things were done the old Scottie Way on the new Scottie Way yesterday afternoon.

The previously unnamed road leading to the front of Union High School has been given that moniker, linking the nickname of Union sports teams with a new reinforcement support program that will take place at all grade levels in the school district.

The address of the school will remain 2106 Camden Ave.

Students from pre-kindergarten through senior high applauded, the high school band played and cheerleaders entertained during the all-district assembly in the high school gymnasium.

Township Supervisor Robert Eckert was there to unveil the street sign. He said “Scottie Way” is now an official road in Union Township and will be displayed as such on future maps.

“We’ve been planning this for about a year,” said Michael Ross, principal. “We researched it with the township and petitioned to make ‘Scottie Way’ the legal name of the road.”

The naming of the road coincides with a district-wide program that bears the same name.

Cindey Eckert, a second-grade teacher, helped to plan the assembly that explained how the program will reward students for their conduct and actions.

“Today, we want to get the kids informed and involved in doing things the Scottie Way,” Eckert said. Signs have been posted throughout each school in the Union district, reminding  students about the program.

Eckert said all school employees, including teachers, administrators, maintenance workers, bus drivers, nurses and aides will be armed with special tickets to award whenever they observe a deserving deed.

Eckert said people throughout the community also have been given tickets to give out when they observe “Scottie Way” behavior by students away from school grounds.

“We want to reward that,” Eckert said.

Students who are given tickets, sign them along with the presenting teacher or community member. Cards will be placed into a box at school for weekly drawings in which the winners will receive prizes donated by area businesses.

Ross said there would be two winners each week at every grade level. Drawings will be made on Thursdays, and the names of the Scottie Way students will appear on the school website and on bulletin boards in the schools.

There also will be yard signs given to families of winning students proclaiming, “My Child Knows The Scottie Way.”

“It’s an opportunity to challenge students and reward those who exhibit good behavior,” Ross said.

Ross said the motto for the program is “Grrr” — the growl of a Scottie, which stands for “Be Great, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Ready.”

Senior Hannah Booth believes her class will lead the way in embracing the program.

“People don’t always do what they should all the time and this will encourage them,” she said. “And it’s nice to be rewarded.”

Eighth-grader Jayson Pasquarello was also on board. “I think it will make school better.”

He believes his classmates feel the same way ... the Scottie Way.