New Castle News

January 23, 2013

Recycling measures to keep bin areas clean

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Information provided to individuals who receive warning letters about proper blue bin use is available to others who recycle properly.

A highlighted fact sheet, sent to suspected offenders by the Lawrence County Recycling and Solid Waste department includes tips and other information about Lawrence County’s blue bin recycling program.

Facts and tips include:

•The program is 100 percent voluntary.

•Items to be placed in the bins is limited to: plastic and glass bottles; steel, tin and aluminum cans; glass jars; magazines; newspapers; cardboard and phone books. The paper-related projects go in one bin, the plastic, metal and glass in another, as designated.

•The program is for residential use only.

•Leaving any materials, including recyclables outside of the bins is a crime and is defined as “scattering rubbish” under state crime and vehicle codes. The county has the right to prosecute violators.

 •Materials placed in the bins become the property of the county and its collection contractor. Removing items from the bins is stealing.

•Each bin is labeled with a small, white sign indicating the types of materials to be put into it. The rules also are posted and sites are monitored by portable surveillance cameras.

•The county receives no money for materials put into the bins. Rather, it costs the county about $1,900 per bin to have the materials collected, hauled away and processed.

•Littering is expensive. Leaving items on the ground makes the location unsightly, attracts additional abuse, results in litter blowing through neighborhood and means that someone else has to pick it up.

•The bins are emptied twice each week, on Thursday and Sunday nights.