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February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day Contest: And the winner is ...

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — We admit it. We’re just hopeless romantics here at The News.

So, to that end, we asked readers to reveal how they met their spouses or significant others for a special Valentine’s Day contest we conducted this week.

A pair of correspondents at The News — Kali Davies-Anderson and Amanda King — led the voting for the most romantic story, and were joined by News employees in making the difficult decision.

Thanks to all who took the time to enter and share your wonderful stories. You truly touched our hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

And now, the winner is ...


I met my husband on a chat group called Yahoo Messenger Cultures and Community. It was a case of mistaken identity at first, which grew into a strong friendship and drew us toward each other from two ends of the earth.

Thus, love blossomed.

We moved from group friends to personal friends. I asked Erick where he was from and he said PA. I told him I was from IN. “We are almost neighbors,” he said, and I agreed.

We went on to talk about our jobs, family, our likes and dislikes. The conversation was now into the third hour. It was getting interesting. I told him I was a traveler; he said he traveled only on work. I asked him to name some places he traveled to. He said Rhode Island, New York, etc. I stopped him abruptly and asked him, “Where exactly do you live? Didn’t you say PA?”

I knew we were neighbors but I also knew there is no Rhode Island and New York in Pakistan. He replied, “Yes, PA as in Pennsylvania. Aren’t you from IN as in Indiana?” I said, “No I am from IN as in INDIA.”

 We laughed at our silliness. It was too bad that within a few seconds we learned we were on two ends of the earth. However, the friendship grew stronger by the day. One day, Erick surprised me by showing me tickets to India. He wanted to see my country with me. We were just friends but it changed to love when the warm, hazel-eyed, ginger-beard American man sealed it with a kiss.

We have been married for eight years and we have a 5-year-old son.


Here are a few comments from the judges who selected the winning entry:

•“I liked it the most because after speaking for some time they found out that they were on opposite sides of the world, yet that did not stifle their feelings for each other. It’s difficult to make a relationship work when you live near each other, let alone thousands of miles apart, but for this couple it was worth the extra effort and they were able to make it work.”

•“There were some really good entries, but this one just spoke to the ‘love conquers all’ message.”

•“This story was not only romantic, it was funny, too.”

•“Now THAT was a great story!”