New Castle News

February 27, 2014

No ice jams, flooding in county yet

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Lawrence County so far has dodged a bullet when it comes to ice jams and flooding on local streams.

In past years, ice jams have plagued the Neshannock Creek, causing water to overflow the banks and prompt rescuers to take people and pets out in boats.

Areas typically affected have been Cottage Grove and Mayville, both in Wilmington Township, Fording Road in Neshannock Township, and a low-lying fishing area off Lakewood-Neshannock Falls Road in Hickory Township, all along the Neshannock Creek.

However, this year, subzero temperatures followed by a brief thawing period have allowed the ice to break up and flow downstream without any problems.

“We haven’t had any flooding concerns yet,” said Brian Melcer, Lawrence County public safety director.

He said police and emergency management coordinators in each municipality have been keeping watch for potential problems, but none have been reported.