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February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Contest: Read the second list of 'how we met' entries

The New Castle News asked readers to reveal how they met their spouses or significant others for a special Valentine's Day contest we are conducting. Here are today's contestants.


Kirstyn and I first met at a local camp through our church. It is called Royal Family Kids Camp. She went to Shenango and I went to Laurel.
At first, a few friends told Kirstyn, “give Justin a chance.” We went to the drive-in and I decided to sit next to her. She hit me with, “this is not a date.”
She would come over to watch TV and movies and always said, “this is not a date.”
I can’t tell you how many times I heard that one-liner.
I kept telling her just to take the word “not” out and it would all make perfect sense.  Kind of made me try harder — haha!
After getting her to finally admit that we were going on a few dates, we became significant others. That all led to Memorial Day weekend of 2012, getting engaged, and in a little over five months we will become husband and wife.
It has been a long journey from Pennsylvania to Virginia and now back up north, but I couldn't imagine a better person to spend forever with.


Oct. 11, 2002, was a typical Friday evening in New Castle — high school football, then beer and wings with the boys afterward.
Following the game, I headed to The Point Bar and Grill, which sadly, no longer exists. The usual gang was there: Norman, Paul, Joe, Mark, and probably more whose faces I cannot remember. That’s because there is one face I remember most.
Sitting at our table, among all those wing-chomping carnivore friends of mine, was a very pretty blonde I had never met. Who was this girl and why was she invading our “guys night out?” I had no idea, but I do know that I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I even caught her sneaking a few glances my way. There was an unmistakable mutual attraction from the start.
Unfortunately, my friend Jamie and I left to meet other friends before I had a chance to really talk to her. The next day, I was on the phone, trying to find out just who this girl was, why I never met her before, and, most important, could I get her number?
Three weeks after the night we met, Amy and I had our first date, back at The Point.
Eight years of marriage and a house full of kids later, we have made a terrific life together.
These days, as I frequently complain about never winning the lottery, I think back to that Friday in October and realize — I really did win the lottery that night.


My husband and I met online. The site is Plenty of Fish. I was persuaded by my sister to make a page. He was told by a friend to go on there.
We started in-boxing instantly and I just knew he was the one. On Aug. 26, 2013, we had made it official and went on two dates in the same day. We talked on the phone every day and texted as well.
I had introduced him to the family and my daughter said, “Mom, he is nice. You know you’re getting married.”
Of course, we both laughed and said how do you know this? Her response: “Because he is nice, funny and his car is awesome.” (It was an Acura at the time.)
On Oct. 6, 2013, he popped the question and, of course, I cried and said yes. It was a special day because we fixed his car together and was his mom’s birthday.
On Feb. 7, 2013, we had become Mr. and Mrs. Diaz. It was a small ceremony by a justice of the peace. My parents and sister’s nieces and daughter, aunt and uncle were there. His mother had come as well. It was the best day ever, even though the tailor shop lost my dress and my husband went and purchased a simple, all-white formal gown.
We do everything together, and we still have the same spark from when we had first met. I love my husband, Jesus Diaz, and the woman I have become since we have been together. My daughter and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
If I could do it over again I would — as long as it’s YOU.


It was in July of 1944. A young woman from Ashford, Conn., Vilma Moricz, was riding in a car with her mother. Her sister was driving. A young sailor from Hillsville, Pa., Chuck Donofrio, was hitch-hiking, along with two other sailors, back to their base in New London, Conn. As was customary during the war, the sailors were picked up and driven to their base.
Six months later, on Jan. 27, 1945, the two were married. After the war, the couple stayed in Hillsville until Vilma wanted to go back to Connecticut to “visit” her family. The “visit” lasted until 1967 when the couple and their three sons moved back to Hillsville. They still live there today.
My parents, Chuck and Vilma, just celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary.


In the fall of 1947, I received a request from a World War II girlfriend, whom I hadn’t seen for two years, to take her to a formal dance in Cleveland.
As I was working as a waiter in a college dining room at Ohio Wesleyan at that time, a replacement was needed. My kid sister, a freshman, suggested her senior adviser, who agreed.
Betty accepted my fraternity pin on Sadie Hawkins Day, 1948, and we have now been married for 64 years.


My husband and I met in high school. However, he was too shy to ask me out.
So we graduated, each of us married someone else, and had children. I had moved away and in that time I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was very sick so I moved back here to be close to family in case I needed help with my children.
It was a blessing that a mutual friend of ours planned a get-together we both attended. Well, that was pretty much it. We talked and hung out as friends for five months then started dating. That was three years ago. We just got married on Nov. 9, 2013.
Chris is my best friend and soulmate. Coming back to New Castle was the best thing I ever have done!!


My husband and I met more than 40 years ago. It was a blind meeting set up by friends. We did not like each other upon meeting, but as we slowly got to know each other, our love for each other developed.
We have a WONDERFUL marriage and have three wonderful grown children. I had a major stoke in 2007 and without him I would not be here. He never gave up on me during my long recovery and thank goodness he was with me when I had the stroke.
I LOVE this man sooo much and I am grateful to friends for introducing us, even though at the time I was not to happy with them.


My girlfriend, Sue, and I met on Valentine’s Day in 2010.
We were both members of a dating site. I had two different offers to spend Valentine’s Day with other members of the same dating site. I was not excited about either offer, so I decided to stay home and spend Valentine’s Day online, wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to the friends I had been chatting with on the dating site.
It did not take long before I ran out of established friends to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to, so I started searching for more friends to send my holiday greetings. My girlfriend immediately responded to my chat and after about an hour, we decided to talk to each other on the phone. We truly connected and talked for over four hours!
Our conversation was exciting and I knew that she was a very special woman!
My excitement spilled over to our first meeting and date a few days later. As soon as we met, and before saying a word, I held her face in my hands and planted a huge kiss on her lips before presenting her with a belated Valentine’s Day card and flowers.
Our first date was perfect and it’s the reason we are celebrating four wonderful years since we met on that Valentine’s Day!


I’ll never forget how we met and I am often reminded of that special day.
Tony claims he spotted me and just liked “what he saw.” He finally got enough nerve to approach me (it took a lot because I was talking to another guy).
He greeted me as if he’d known me his entire life. “How’s your family?” he asked. I replied, “Fine,” as I thought, “Who is this guy?”
Then he asked, “How’s your brother?” Bewildered and wondering which of my brothers he could know, I answered, “Fine,” again.
Then his luck finally ran out, as he inquired, “How’s your sister?”
That moment our eyes met. I knew that his conversation was all a big line. You see, I don’t have a sister. Tony knew I was on to him. I have to admit, I thought it rather charming how he made me think he knew me.
The other guy never suspected a thing, even though his territory was being invaded by another suitor right under his nose. With a twinkle in my eye and a little tell-tale grin, I answered, “Fine.”
That’s how it all began. Then we dated and were married within months. It’s been 40 years plus!
God put us together that evening and we’re still in love. We’re blessed with a beautiful family. We’ve had our ups and downs, but nothing God couldn’t handle. Now whenever I’m asked, “How’s your family?” (which is quite often), I always think of how I met my Tony.


It was the first day of school in 1945.  I was a senior at Eastbrook High School.
Several boys were in our classroom before school talking about a new girl in the sophomore class. We all went over to check her out.
There she was — a pretty, petite blonde.
I am sure we made quite a bad impression. She wasn’t impressed by me, but I sure was smitten with her. Her name was Mary Jane.
A week later, a friend and I were in town in a farm truck loaded with bags of seed. We came across a group of girls, including Mary Jane, walking home from a Ne-Ca-Hi football game, and we offered them a ride. They got into the back of the truck.
I managed for her to be the last one dropped off. Arriving at her home, I walked her to the door. The family dog was lying on the porch. I got up enough courage to ask, “will you go out with me Saturday night?”
She gasped, “Who me?”
I replied, “No, the dog.”
In spite of my smart remark, Mary Jane agreed to go out with me.  
That date was the first of many. I sold a bull to buy her a ring, and we married on Aug. 19, 1949. We’ve loved and laughed through raising our family together and through 65 beautiful years of marriage. The sweet blonde has become my white-haired best friend and the love of my life.

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