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February 11, 2014

Valentine’s Day Contest: Read the first list of ‘how we met’ entries

The New Castle News asked readers to reveal how they met their spouses or significant others for a special Valentine’s Day contest we are conducting. Here are today’s contestants.


I worked at the Sankey Youth Center as a youth counselor, and he took the position of another employee.
Then we went out as a joke (thanks to Shirley and Patti) and we just clicked! Our first date was to a movie that I don’t even remember!
That was in March. In July of that same year he proposed, and one year later we were married — one week after I graduated from high school.
So I always tell people I picked up my husband at the Mission!
Since then, the City Rescue Mission has always held a special place within our hearts. (I attended Sankey as a kid) and to be able to work there as an adult was amazing.
When we think of the Mission we think of a place where men and women go to when they are homeless, a place that offers food for the hungry, or a place to meet Christ. But in 1986, it became a place of romance and 27 years later we are still married!
God was with us from the start and is still with us today!


I had met my husband, James, in 1988 at Vo-Tech.
I didn’t see him again until 1996. In high school he had really long hair and some acne. But by November 1996 he had become a very attractive man.
I was sitting in my college classroom at the Business Institute of Pennsylvania and I had spotted him in the parking lot. I called a friend, Linda, and told her how good looking he was. She said if I didn’t call him she was going to call him on my behalf. So as nervous as I was, I made the first move. I looked up his mother in the telephone book and I called.
I asked her for his telephone number, and lucky for me he was staying with his mom due to a recent divorce. I left my phone number, not knowing if he would ever call. He called me that night and I asked him a lot of questions. I asked him if he would like to come down to my apartment — and he did.
I remember sitting in my living room and just talking and talking. It was late into the evening so we called it a night and he left. I wanted so badly to kiss him good night but figured it was our first meeting, so I waited.
So, for most of our courtship, we watched movies and stayed at my house because I had two little boys and he had one. We had fallen in love over a matter of about four to five months. We lived together until Christmas 1997, when he hid my engagement ring on his mother’s Christmas tree and proposed.
We got married on June 27, 1998, during a beautiful wedding our mothers had put together. I have had 22 surgeries, 14 throat dilations, and six months of chemo. My husband stood by my side, and here we are coming up on our 16th wedding anniversary.
I am just as in love as I was the first day I saw him.


I had broken off a five-year relationship a few months before. My best friend tried to hook me up with someone but he wasn’t what I was looking for. At that point I was feeling like the hopeless romantic.
One day I was bored on the computer and reminiscing. I remembered that a long time ago I had a profile on So I said, “Hey, what the heck!” and made another one. Within a day I received quite a few messages. I deleted most but I picked a few.
One was a guy from Virginia, who seemed very sweet and was a talented singer. We talked for a while and he asked me if I would like to meet him. I was excited yet cautious, so we set a date. When I went down he took me to many malls, restaurants, dancing, Washington, D.C., to see the zoo and White House, and I even met a few of his friends.
You know a lot of guys try to go real fast with relationships and coax women into doing things they shouldn’t do when first dating a guy, but not Chris. My now-fiancée has shown me that there are still great men out there and to never give up, even if it does seem hopeless.
My fiancée also is a survivor of Behcet’s Syndrome. It is an awful autoimmune disorder that causes skin lesions and ulcers, vasculitis in the blood vessels, and even problems with the eyes. One of the things we did when we were dating was donate and go to the Behcet’s walk in Michigan to support the cause. He has gone two years without a flare-up with his current treatment! I’m very proud of him.
We will be marrying next July!


My husband and I met through a lady who worked as a temporary secretary for both of our companies at the same time.
He was working as a truck mechanic in Butler and I was a Radiology Tech in Pittsburgh. These are two totally different fields, making it even stranger that she worked at both places.
One day, I mentioned to her that I wanted to meet a good guy because I was tired of online dating. She said, “I might know someone.”
She goes to the phone and dials him at work and hands me the phone. Neither of us was expecting it, so we both were at a loss for words. We talked a few minutes and talked on the phone every night that week. We had our first date that weekend and I knew in the first few minutes that I could spend the rest of my life with him!
Nine years later, we are married and have a beautiful 6-year old-daughter and I also gained a stepson. Strangely enough, she knew NOTHING about either one of us AND she ended up getting fired from both jobs within a few days of her matchmaking. She said to me a few times, “every couple I set up ends up getting married!”
She was a very quirky lady, but she sure was right! Some of my best friends had set me up on disaster dates, yet this total stranger found me my soulmate!


Myspace, a place for friends. A place where you can stay connected with friends and family. A place where you can be yourself, with music, pictures, and a cool profile.
A place to meet your future husband. That’s right! A husband!
That’s exactly how I found mine in May 2008. I wasn’t on the lookout for that “special someone,” but when I came across Gary’s profile, I thought he was very handsome guy. After creeping on his profile page, I found we had a lot in common, so I took the next big step and sent him a quick “Hello.”
 To my surprise, our messaging back and forth quickly became an exchange of phone numbers. We hit it off and became great friends. After about a month of talking and getting to know each other, we decided to meet. We’ve been inseparable ever since!
We have been together for almost six years, and married for two. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.
Who would have thought a popular social networking site could bring two people together just with a click of the mouse?


The summer after my first year of college, I attended a 1964 high school graduation party. While there, I saw a cute girl in tight, checkered pedal pushers trying to get my intoxicated younger brother to the car.
I stepped in to help her out and we got him home and were carrying him up the steps to our second-floor apartment when my father came out and accused her of getting him drunk. I defended her and after I took her home, she cooked me a steak and we talked late into the night.
She was unlike any other girl I had met and I was very at ease with her. I realized she was someone I really liked and must pursue her, which I did for another five years.
We became friends, hung out with her friends in the summers, eventually started dating, fell in love and then got married in 1969.
She is still my best friend 50 years later.


I met my husband on a chat group called Yahoo Messenger Cultures and Community. It was a case of mistaken identity at first, which grew into a strong friendship and drew us toward each other from two ends of the earth.
Thus, love blossomed.
We moved from group friends to personal friends. I asked Erick where he was from and he said PA. I told him I was from IN. “We are almost neighbors,” he said, and I agreed.
We went on to talk about our jobs, family, our likes and dislikes. The conversation was now into the third hour. It was getting interesting. I told him I was a traveler; he said he traveled only on work. I asked him to name some places he traveled to. He said Rhode Island, New York, etc. I stopped him abruptly and asked him, “Where exactly do you live? Didn’t you say PA?”
I knew we are neighbors but I also knew there is no Rhode Island and New York in Pakistan. He replied, “Yes, PA as in Pennsylvania. Aren’t you from IN as in Indiana?” I said “No I am from IN as in INDIA.”
 We laughed at our silliness. It was too bad that within a few seconds we learned we were on two ends of the earth. However, the friendship grew stronger by the day. One day, Erick surprised me by showing me tickets to India. He wanted to see my country with me. We were just friends but it changed to love when the warm, hazel-eyed, ginger-beard American man sealed it with a kiss.
We have been married for eight years and we have a 5-year-old son.


My husband, Anthony, and I met at Jameson Hospital in November 1966.
My husband was a patient and I was employed in the lab at the hospital. My morning rounds to draw blood on patients included him. We seemed to hit it off right from the start.
After several times of having to draw his blood, he asked me if I would visit him when I was off duty.
At that time I lived across the street from the hospital. I soon started visiting him almost every evening. After he was discharged from the hospital we continued to see each other and in April 1967 we became engaged.
 We were married July 1, 1967. And the rest, as they say, is history.


It was 1976 orientation at the University of Pittsburgh Bradford campus. I was 23 and had just completed four years in the Navy.
I was with my dad walking behind this beautiful girl. I said, “Dad I need to meet this girl.”
His comment, “you are here to get an education not chase girls.”
I finally got up enough nerve to talk to Caroline outside. Then her father showed up. He was kind of in the same ballpark as my dad.
Needless to we were the campus sweethearts.
We married a year later and are still sweethearts after 36 years.
We also have worked together at Custom Artificial Limb and Brace for the last 24 years

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