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February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Proposals: Read the final list from our contest entries

We asked readers to share their marriage proposal stories with the New Castle News for a special Valentine’s Day Contest we are conducting. Here are today's contestants.


Brandon was getting off work early and I just happened to have a doctor’s appointment in a town close to where he works. We decided to meet up for dinner.
After ordering, he went to wash his hands, so I dug into my purse and pulled out a “Will You Marry Me?” sauce packet from Taco Bell and had it waiting on the table when he came back.
So, yes — I asked him.


My husband, Michael, and I were friends for years before we started dating.
His family has Rodgers Pine Hill Farm, where I used to go and help out for Christmas. After many tears and heartbreak (for both of us), we decided to date.
The day was a Sunday. I was getting ready for church and noticed he wasn't in a hurry to get ready. He said he had a “headache.”
I took him Advil and went to church. When I came back, he was feeling better and asked if I was ready to go pick out our Christmas tree.
Then I saw it, the most perfect tree! His face lit up like a kid in the candy store. He told me to walk around it and see if was good for the spot we had picked out in the house.
I noticed there was a metal ornament. I opened it and inside was the RING! As I looked at him he was already down on his knee! I said yes, of course, and that year for Christmas we had THAT tree in our living room!
Back to his “headache.” He faked it so he could ask my dad for his blessing!


We had traveled to Geneva on the Lake to finish the summer off right. The day went by as any normal day together, and we were also excited to see two of our best friends.
We decided to go to Chalet Debonne winery, but little did I know it was going to be one to remember for a lifetime. As we sat down and began to chat, the boys said, “we’ll be right back” and I still was not suspicious of anything out of the ordinary.
Since Friday night is a popular evening at the winery, there was a band for live entertainment. Next thing I know I see my Jimmy going up on stage, and I still had no clue. I figured he was just requesting a song. Then, I hear Jimmy’ s voice on the microphone. He informs everyone, “there is a beautiful Lebanese/Italian/Mediterranean girl in the audience tonight, her name is Julianna. Julianna can you come up here with me?”
Well, of course I did not hesitate to join him on stage. Next thing I saw was him getting on one knee and revealing the most magnificent ring my eyes could see. He told me that I am the most precious thing to him in the world — “you’re my best friend, my soul mate ... will you marry me?”
I just remember crying in pure happiness. I said YES!
He had the courage to propose in front of 350 people and I will always vividly remember it.


It all started when my sister, Lisa, gave us free tickets to Hawaii.
We had a layover in Texas for a few hours and while we were there, Anthony gave me a little box and my heart skipped a beat. I thought, this is it!!! A ring!!!
But I was shocked to see it was a 14-karat gold piano charm and another charm with our names engraved and the year, with a little diamond. He caught me off guard, you see. He didn't want me to know he would ask me in three days to marry him.
The day we got engaged started out with a rainbow outside of our window. We went on the balcony and kissed, and he said: “today’s going to be very special for us.”
Every night was special in Hawaii. We spent the day at the ocean and later he said he made reservations at the Hilton restaurant on the 18th floor with windows all around us. We had five waiters — what a beautiful place it was. We got to see everything from being up so high.
He said he wanted to talk to the band about music, and here he was requesting “Ribbons In The Sky” by Stevie Wonder. When the song came on he took my hand and walked me onto the dance floor. No one at all was on the dance floor at the time.
Everyone looked at us funny, then we started to slow dance. He paused, and went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Chills ran all through my body. It was so romantic.
I cried and he did, too.
Our journey as being “One” had just begun. My dreams finally came true.


This love story starts some 40 years ago at the Rollercade, when I asked Cindy to skate. She said, “yes,” and it was love at first sight.
She was 13 and I was 15. I would walk miles to see her in the snow that winter. When I got out of high school I got a job at the steel mill and we got engaged. We were in no hurry to get married but in love.
Due to family conflicts, she was sent away to her grandma’s house somewhere in the mountains of Pennsylvania.
I looked everywhere and asked everyone, “where is Cindy?” I was a broken-hearted! I had a photo of Cindy taken at the park and kept that photo in my photo album on the first page so that every time I showed my photos I would see my Cindy.
As the years passed, we each suffered through bad relationships with others, which ended in divorce.
Thirty years later, while “surfing” on my computer one afternoon, I punched in Cindy’s name on an AOL search. There it was! Her name, phone number, and address! I called the number and she answered.
I asked, “is this my Cindy?”
She said, “is this you Tommy?”
She said, “I think of you all the time!”
And the two lost hearts were now together.
We talked on the phone and visited as much as we could. The sparkle was still in her big brown eyes and the dimples were there when she smiled, and those soft lips were still the same. Our hearts were beating as one, once again!
A year later, as we drove past the old Rollercade, I pulled in, stopped the car, and once again asked her to marry me. We had so many good memories there — laughing, holding hands, skating, and the occasional “stolen kiss.”
She answered, “YES!”
I had to wait, but I finally have my Cindy.


Upon returning from the Navy I needed to have a project finished that I had started and didn’t know how to finish. I had met a neighbor that I knew had the skills I needed for the project so I arranged a meeting, fixed the problem and made a date.
This was in the early part of the year. That date turned into many more as the summer wore on.
We were sitting on a swing under a large maple tree one evening, enjoying the summer night when her mother and father happened to come home. They came over to talk with us and during the conversation I asked if they would mind if I was to ask their daughter for her hand — and the rest of her body — in marriage!
They were happy to grant me that privilege! Unbeknownst to Sherri, I had brought an engagement ring with me that I had bought on my own, slid off the swing onto one knee and popped the question.
She was completely surprised. Though we had talked about the idea, nothing positive had been decided.
That was 56 years ago this summer.


Janet and I had been dating about two years when, at her house one night we were thinking of something to do and I agreed to watch a chick flick.
We browsed on the TV menu for a while and settled on “The Five-Year Engagement.”
Almost from the time we met, Janet and I had agreed that each of us was interested in a committed relationship and ultimately marriage. But we didn’t have a timetable. We sat together on a chair-and-a-half and watched the movie, which was pretty funny.
We laughed and pointed at the characters’ misadventures, then looked at each other and grinned. As the credits rolled and we snuggled comfortably, a mood seized me.
For years I had been trying to be more spontaneous, to say what I thought the moment I thought it, instead of holding back. It was supposed to improve my life.
Janet still had her eyes on the screen when I turned to her and said, “Will you marry me?” It was so spontaneous, that I didn’t know if I was proposing or just asking for information.
Janet snapped her head around and said, “What?!”
I repeated my question, deliberately.


It all started the in the fall of 1993. Deacon Alphonzo Brown was going to the same church as I was attending for three years, and although people knew he liked me there, I did not realize it at all.
I am at church doing morning prayers, and Alphonzo would bring his tithes and offerings. If the pastor was not there, he would ask me to give them to him. I lived in a place close to downtown, so I could walk and do my business and oftentimes I would see him. It was like he would just show up (smile).
In late December 1993, I was walking to church and all those in church were crying out to God. I happened to notice Alphonzo was crying but in a different manner.
As the new year arrived, my pastor asked me, “Why is Deacon crying out like that?” But not too long afterward, I became ill. I was ill for about a week and could not eat. I was real dizzy and had to stay in bed.
On about the third day into my illness, God showed me a movie screen of Alphonzo praying in the church, bringing his tithes and offerings as usual. I was praying for him and he was talking to the pastor about his former marriage. Then, the Lord spoke and said, “That is your husband.” But I replied, “no he is not.”
I told God I did not ask for a husband. God and I haggled back and forth about this for a few days, because I was refusing what He was saying to me about this man being my husband. God said, “you are always obedient, but if you do not do this, you cannot do anything else for Me.”
Of course, after that reply, I asked God what He was talking about. I went to my pastor and he encouraged me to go on a date with Deacon Brown. So, in January 1994 we started seeing one another. In May of same year, Alphonzo got up and went to the front of the church and asked me to come up there too. What was he doing?
When we both got up there, he falls to one knee in front of a church full of people and asks me to marry him. Nonetheless, I was speechless, but when I came to myself, I said “Yes.”
Now, we have been married for 18 wonderful, blessed years. I am so glad I obeyed God, because truly I am a blessed woman with a wonderful husband who cherishes me.


We went to lunch one day and while we were eating John said to me, “have you ever been to Jared’s?”
I said “no.”
So after lunch we went. It’s just like the commercial.
As we entered the store, it was like a dream. We were greeted by a very nice lady named Sue. She offered us cappucino, water, etc.
She asked what we were looking for. John said he would like to see some princess-cut diamonds and I was immediately shocked. He picked the most beautiful diamond and we waited with our cappucino while they put it in an amazing setting that we chose together.
When the ring was finished, the question was asked. John said, “Do you want to marry me?!” Of course I said “YES,” and he slid the ring onto my finger.
We flew to Hawaii and got married. He told me every day would be like a Saturday and it has been with him from the day we met. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and he’s a wonderful man.
I love him with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey!


My man, Clint, and I decided to take the Harley out for a ride, stopping for a bite to eat when we were encountered by two deer.
Needless to say, our dinner plans were changed. Instead, we got rides in ambulances to the hospital.
After spending hours in the emergency room, Clint was admitted with 11 staples in his head, three broken ribs, a punctured lung and a broken shoulder blade.
Knowing he was unable to care for himself after he had spent four days in the hospital, I invited him to stay in my home where he would get the best care I could give him.
After a month of healing, we were getting ready for a night out. Clint suddenly turned gray and sweaty, put his hand into his pocket and took out a wad of bills, insisting that I take it for taking care of him. I said no, I cannot do that.
 He put the money back into his pocket saying, “I knew you would say that” and this time when his hand came out of his pocket he held a diamond ring saying, “so will you marry me?”
 I screamed, “are you serious? Yes!”


My wife loves lighthouses, so it occurred to me that a lighthouse would make for a great location to propose to her. The problem was finding one in western Pennsylvania.
I did some research online and drove to places where I thought there might be one, but I had no luck. I was starting to think about a “Plan B.”
Then one morning on my way to work I was stopped at a red light in Bridgewater when I looked to my left and realized I was staring at a lighthouse! I drove right by it every day and never noticed it.
So I surprised my wife by picking her up at work one day and drove her there. I made her wear a blindfold the whole way. She told me later that she thought she was going to get “whacked!” (It’s an Italian thing.)
I helped her out of the car when we got there. I told her she could take the blindfold off, and I got down on one knee and popped the question. It wasn’t the kind of lighthouse that one would see in New England, but it was a lighthouse, nonetheless.
It’s the thought that counts.

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