New Castle News

June 12, 2013

Club, city spruce up North Street

Kurt Stalma
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Many may not realize that the trees along North Street were planted in memory of New Castle citizens.

Lately, the sidewalk where these flowering trees have stood for more than 30 years has been littered with trash and ignored.

However, members of the Lawrence County Garden Club and the city’s Public Works Department gathered yesterday to revitalize the area.

Lawrence County Garden Club member Marilyn Lockwood said she was the one who had the initial idea for this project.

“I came down here to pick up litter one day, and that’s when I noticed all this disarray,” Lockwood said.

She pitched her idea to clean up and restore the area to the other members of the garden club, as well as to the city. Lockwood said both parties jumped right on board.

“It’s really been a great collaboration to restore this,” she said.

The members of the garden club spent the afternoon hours planting flowers and placing mulch around and between each tree. The city provided soil to fill the concrete planters where each tree stands.

Beneath each tree sits a brick bearing the name of the person for whom the tree was planted.

Lockwood said that these kinds of flowering trees are especially beautiful in the spring time, calling it a shame that this area hasn’t been taken better care of them, considering that each was planted in memory of someone.

“How beautiful it will be to have it restored,” she said.

Ultimately, what began as a quick trip to pick up litter became a revitalization project that everyone involved can be proud of.

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