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March 1, 2013

Saving money is the key to revitalizing downtown

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I can’t believe how stupid the progressive New Castle Revitalization Committee is.

It just wants to lay out a proclamation and tell the community to fork over $20. Give me a break. No, give the shoppers and shopkeepers a break.

First of all, the city roads that take you to New Castle are full of potholes and the weeds and trash along side the roads are enough to make anyone turn around. How about taking care of this first?

Second, how about asking the city council to reduce the mercantile tax by 20 percent so some more businesses might move in, but also make it possible for merchants to lower their prices to be competitive with Walmart.

Third, remove all the parking meters so you do not have to pay to park.

Oh, I have an idea. How about not charging for parking on the weekends? I am laughing inside thinking about the Mill Street bridge being replaced with a new beautiful bridge, I call this bridge a Bridge To Nowhere.

When are progressives going to wake up out of their fantasy and realize if they want shoppers to come back, it’s about saving money.

Hey, I am an old romantic myself and would love to see the downtown come back. But just adding new bricks and mortar isn’t going to do it.

Build it they will come? I think not. Reduce taxes and eliminate parking meters, then they will come. Don’t hold your breath. It’s not going to happen.

James Karavias

Lockhart Drive

New Castle

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