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February 27, 2013

Pope Benedict takes stand on moral relativism

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The recent resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is sad news.

Let us pray that his successor will be someone who will carry on the work of this holy man, especially his efforts to combat the evil of moral relativism.

Relativism, the idea that there is no such thing as good and evil, right and wrong. You decide. Forget God and His Commandments.

Excerpt from Pope Benedict XVI’s message, World Peace Day 2012: “Today, a particularly insidious obstacle to the task of educating is the massive presence in our society and culture of that relativism which, recognizing nothing as definitive, leaves as the ultimate criterion only the self with its desires ... When policies do not presume or promote objective values, the resulting moral relativism, instead of leading to a society that is free, fair, just and compassionate, tends instead to produce frustration, despair, selfishness and a disregard for the life and liberty of others.”

Excerpt from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Feb. 11: “Bishop Lawrence Brandt of Greensburg said he was deeply saddened by the pope’s plan to resign, but praised his efforts to battle moral relativism. ‘Raised in the midst of the horrors of Nazism and World War II, he has spent his life teaching the word of God as the response to the evil, godless secularism he saw in Nazism and communism. He has always been focused on the eternal truths of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,’ he said.”

Let us pray for a pope (and shepherds) who will teach the eternal truths of Jesus Christ with such authority and love that he (they) will defeat moral relativism using God’s Commandments. God Bless Pope Benedict XVI.

Diane Marcella

Meadowview Boulevard

New Castle