New Castle News

January 4, 2013

Supervisors treat Lions Club poorly

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The New Bedford Lions Club has been a community staple in Pulaski Township for more than 60 years. Always ready to help the community, always ready to help residents in need.

In 2005, the Lions Club donated all its buildings and property to the “people” of Pulaski Township so there could be formed a “community park.” A more-than-gracious donation on the part of the Lions. All they asked in return was that they be allowed to continue to use the building for the monthly meetings and occasional other functions.

Recently, they were denied being allowed to place a small plaque inside the building to show their history and recognition for the Lions Club, denied by the township supervisors to place a plaque in the very building that they built and donated to the people of Pulaski Township, not the supervisors of Pulaski Township, but the people. Their reasoning? If we let you, everyone will want to hang a plaque. So what? Doesn’t that show an involved, active community?

And to add further insult to the organization, the supervisors want to require it to pay a fee and a security deposit to be allowed to use their “own” building. You know, the one they donated to the people.

This organization operates on a shoestring budget. It donates the majority of its proceeds to others. I was on the board of supervisors when this property was donated, to the people. Unlike the present board, we were gracious and delighted that the Lions would think first of their community. Not like the present board that should be ashamed of its actions.

Daniel Abramson

Coffee Run Road