New Castle News

December 13, 2012

Entitlement opposition seen as inconsistent

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

As everyone now knows, the electorate re-elected President Obama to another four-year term; for the record, I voted for Obama.

During this election, I had done my own pre- and post-election survey. The number one concern for the anti-Obama electorate was entitlement programs.

A large number of older Americans were against “Obamacare” but yet, when asked how they justify accepting Medicare, they answered, “I paid into it.”

When asked their opinion concerning Social Security they reply, “I paid into it.” Aren’t these social programs or entitlement programs?

There were also a number of local writers (letter to the editor) who are anti-Obama and entitlements, but it amazes me that they are employed by the state welfare system.

These employees have paid hospitalization, pensions and paid holidays, all paid by the taxpayer.

My question to them, what is the difference if you receive welfare or work for the department of welfare? Doesn’t this all come under the umbrella of entitlements?

Universal health care and entitlement programs are in place to protect the less fortunate; there will always be a small amount of abuse.

I welcome these anti-entitlement electorates and elected officials to visit St. Jude’s Hospital and explain to those children why they should not be entitled to U.S. health care.

Here’s a better thought, the next time they visit a loved one in a nursing home, tell them the next visitor they may see will be Dr. Kevorkian.

Leslie B. Davis

Hamilton Street

New Castle