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November 23, 2012

Some positive news may inspire others

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

With all the negative things in this world and what I have read in the letters to the newspaper lately, I wanted to interject some positives that happened to me.

Recently, I went to Sears to look at sweepers. I placed my change purse under the flap of the cart. Very careless of me.

I left and went to Kmart. I realized I forgot my change purse in the cart. I didn’t want to waste time going home to phone Sears. I drove back, hoping I would find it or someone turned it in.

No, on both thoughts, but the very helpful and positive young lady told me to leave my information just in case.

I got as far as Auto Zone, and my phone rang, I pulled into the lot to answer it. To my disbelief, it was the young lady, telling me someone just turned in my change purse. It had all the money in it.

I wish I could have thanked the woman who turned it in.

About a week later, after leaving a restaurant, a man approached my car to tell me the man who backed into the space in front of me bumped my car and was letting me leave without saying a word.

The man waited until I checked for damage, which, thankfully, there was none.

Again, I was blessed to have an honest person help me.

How about that? Two good Samaritans within a week of each other.

I am grateful to both from the bottom of my heart and hope that after reading this, more people will do the right thing to help someone.

We need to count our blessings and have faith in mankind.

Mary Ann Presnar

Wilson Avenue

New Castle

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