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November 21, 2012

Crowd behaves badly during Light Up Night

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I am writing regarding our Light Up Night Parade in downtown New Castle.

I stood with my family, including small children, close to the Diamond. We had been there an hour waiting for the parade to start.

I was appalled at how the crowd acted. Pushing and shoving ahead of others who were there patiently waiting to see loved ones march. Adults and children fighting for candy being thrown. The adults were worse than the children. Grandmothers pushing other people’s strollers out of the way to get a Tootsie Roll?

Wasn’t it just Halloween a few weeks ago? Do they really need more candy that badly? I am not sure if they needed the candy, or just had to get something “free.”

I witnessed people in the streets so close to the semi-trucks pulling the floats, that the drivers had to ask them to get back. It was a miracle no one was hurt. People were fighting to get to the front, and yelling at each other. I also saw people throwing the candy back at the floats and bands trying to purposely hit them. What is wrong with people?

I would recommend the city next year put up barriers or ropes to keep people back. I am sure those same people would still find a way to get their freebies. Another suggestion would be to eliminate the candy throwing all together. I know the children look forward to the fun, but it has become ridiculous.

If my own child was not in the parade, I would never waste my time again.

We saw the Hermitage Light Up Parade, as we happened to be in Sharon that night. What a wonderful parade. Not one person stepped off the curb in the street, and no one fighting for candy.

Luann Cade

Euclid Avenue

New Castle

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