New Castle News

October 6, 2012

Watch Fox News to get the story

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

In regards to Douglas Hoshino’s complaint of me not referencing material:

All one need do is watch the news, especially Fox News, which tries to be even.

If you’re only watching broadcast news, you’re getting the administration line.

President Obama has been ruling by fiat, usurping the duties of the legislature any time it suits him.

Check his latest decree on the CAFE standards for example. As far as Social Security goes, the Democrats won’t go near reform and when a Republican does, he’s portrayed as a guy dumping an old lady off a cliff.

If the Democratic leadership doesn’t pick up the ball and do the responsible thing, i.e., dealing with it, they’re the ones who are going to look foolish when Social Security goes bust, not me.

John Magee

Midfield Lane

Neshannock Township