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November 10, 2012

America should avoid another Mideast war

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

In a publication titled, “The Economist,” published in England, the editor issued an article titled, “The Killing Fields” describing his view of the ravages occurring in Syria, together with his opinion on what should be done now to save Syria.

Initially, he asks: “Is it because America and Europe have tired of their own wars that they have started to turn their back on other people?”

The writer then reviews the brutal tactics of Mr. Assad, president of Syria, citing actions such as firing on peaceful demonstrators, the use of heavy weapons, aircraft, helicopter gunships, cluster bombs and the bombing of Damascus, Aleppo and other cities.

“... Were the next few months to stretch into years, as now seems likely, Syria’s great cities would be ground to rubble and the whole Middle East would choke on the dust. To prevent this catastrophe, NATO needs to start making the humanitarian and strategic case for intervening in Syria. Grounding President Assad’s air force could save many thousands of lives ... NATO could enforce a no-fly zone over Syria.”

OK, NATO decrees that a zone is to be set up. What country or countries is or are to act upon that decree? Syria is a Middle Eastern nation and, therefore, one would presume that it would be a Middle Eastern nation or nations that would be involved.

But the writer says: “Even now, Mr. Obama should be working on plans for how he or a President Romney could intervene.” Why?

We are trying now to escape from our many foolish entries into that part of the world. Do not invite us to return on another venture, thank you.

Richard Audino

Kings Chapel Road

New Castle

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