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March 21, 2014

Driver who hit dog faces consequences

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

This letter is regarding the person who, on March 7, hit and killed someone’s beloved pet on Highland Avenue in the afternoon.

The driver didn’t stop. But the driver went around the block twice to see what had been hit and still did not stop. Why?

The sorrow the owner of the dog has had to endure will be endless.

How is it possible the driver didn’t feel the need to come forward and admit what had happened.?

People are looking for evidence to help find the driver and to have the person own up to what happened.

The driver’s own conscience should be enough to admit guilt.

The driver may try to put it out of mind, but that will be impossible. The guilt of the life taken will stay forever, and then the person responsible will stand in account for it.

The driver should look inside and do the right thing, find the owner and offer a willingness to express an apology for ending the life of her best friend and loving pet. The sacrifice of the loss of her dog is a painful thing.

The driver may think this incident is over, but it will haunt dreams and a day won’t go by that it won’t be remembered.

How is it possible the driver can’t see the pain that will be endured in the taking of an innocent soul?

Let me close by saying karma always wins. Maybe the driver will be found because the car needs repairs. After all, a lot of people know what kind of car it was.

Or maybe surveillance tapes from nearby will help with identification.

Doris Bunda

Mills Way

New Castle

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