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October 5, 2012

Don’t demonize fellow Christians on issues

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

It is wrong when Christians display blatant contempt for fellow Christians who interpret Christian teaching differently than they do.

This demonizing of others is a false faithfulness to God. The often vile condemnation of fellow Christians, who in good conscience try to balance their love of God and patriotism just as faithfully as do those who condemn them, flies in the face of Christian teaching and verges on frightening fanaticism.

While religious beliefs may guide voters, informed and thoughtful Americans of faith should be concerned when politicians cry, “Lord! Lord!” in political campaigns.

History records that fanatic interpretations of Christianity invoked the faithful to abuse school-age children in Colonial times because these children practiced Catholicism. Christians on both sides invoked God’s name when 500,000 American soldiers slaughtered each other in the Civil War.

Fanatic Christians invoked God’s name when they wore white sheets and murdered black, Catholic and Jewish Americans because these groups believed differently than they did. When Christians evangelize through politics, they must guard against willfully infringing upon the constitutional right of others to worship as they wish.

As politicians write platforms designed to appeal to the secular public, Christians are called to write God’s name on their hearts. Because of the complex issues in this election, voting can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, the document Faithful Citizenship provides a thoughtful guide to an informed conscience. Armed with God in their hearts and an informed conscience, Christians may vote with confidence to initiate the moral change they seek.

After they vote, Christians will serve God and Christianity better if they defer judgment of hearts to the loving, merciful and all-knowing God they worship.

Ann Antognoli

Fairhill Drive

New Castle

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