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March 28, 2013

There’s no genetic link to back gay marriage

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I listened to questioning by Supreme Court justices concerning California’s Proposition 8.

Justice Sotomayor asked attorney Ted Olson if ruling against Prop 8 might open the door for any kind of marriage, such as ones involving polygamy or incest. Olson answered that those are illegal to protect society and prohibit conduct, but that Prop 8 infringes on and prohibits actions based on a status and is selecting a group of individuals to deny a right.

That is the problem. People have been hoodwinked into believing that living a homosexual lifestyle is something other than a choice. Society has been conditioned over the last dozen years that being gay is the same as being English or Italian, one is born that way.

It is a choice, an immoral choice, just like the incestual relationship that Sotomayor lumped it in with.

Scientists have tried for decades to find the homosexual gene. In fact several years ago, a headline in the Post-Gazette read, “Pitt Researchers Find Homosexual Gene?” but the article that followed said that the researchers located the spot in a cell that if the gene existed, it would be right there. They found no gene and they never will.

How do I know that? Because God would not create beings who are in His image, with a propensity for doing something He says is an abomination. God does not set us up to fail. A homosexual gene would be setting man up to sin, which would be failing and being separated from God.

God sets us up to succeed. Old Testament believers failed and had to sacrifice animals to be cleansed. Jesus came as God incarnate to die as a sacrifice for all of us, so if we repent and turn from our wicked ways we can be saved.

Fred J. Harlan

East Washington Street

New Castle

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