New Castle News

March 16, 2013

Cash Mob criticism lacks any constructive purpose

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

James Karavias’ criticism of the Cash Mob downtown (letter, March 1) struck me as a bit misguided.

This event has nothing to do with politics, parking meters or potholes. It’s about passionate citizens of the community who wish to make a difference, and to show the businesses that are actually still downtown (despite caring residents like Karavias) that we appreciate them and we support them.

Complaining about parking meters? A quarter? I’m grateful to be back in a town where a quarter gets me a whole hour, not just 15 minutes. If there were no meters, would people really go downtown?

I look at it this way: My quarter goes in some tiny way toward helping the city, and that’s great. That’s a good thing.

There are two kinds of people here in New Castle: Those who don’t like our downtown being so empty and choose to do something positive about it, and those who don’t like our downtown being so empty and just keep complaining instead of acting.

New Visions chooses to act, and I applaud the organization. I want to see change, so I will take part in it.

Karavias said, “It’s not going to happen.” Of course not, when people such as him won’t do anything to change it. My father coached the debate club in a local high school, and I can’t help but think he would point out that calling an idea or plan “stupid” in the opening sentence of a tirade is not a good tactic to sway readers to your side.

We care, we want businesses downtown, and we are doing something to show it. What is Karavias doing?

Rhonda DeFelice

East Lutton Street

New Castle