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June 6, 2013

Dog owner showed no concern over bite

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I took my 10-pound toy fox terrier to the grand opening at PetSmart on Saturday.

I had him in a buggy as I couldn’t push a buggy and hold his leash without him getting tangled. As we walked down one of the aisles, we came across a very large American bulldog and his female owner.

The dog was tall enough to be able to reach my dog’s face. They sniffed each other for one second and the bulldog snapped at my dog and bit him on the nose.

My poor dog was whimpering and bleeding. The owner of the dog said, “Is he OK?” and I was so shook up at the time all I could say is “He’s bleeding.”

After I took a moment to calm down, I started wondering if the dog is vaccinated and licensed. I turned to ask the owner and she disappeared.

An older couple stayed with me and offered me a handkerchief to help clean the blood. In all the craziness, I can’t remember if I had a chance to express my appreciation to them.

A manager was made aware of the situation and he combed through the store several times to find the owner and dog. He was very upset to find they both must have sneaked out of the store.

The manager and his employees were very helpful and concerned and I am appreciative of them also.

As for the owner of the bulldog, shame on her. If she is going to be a dog owner, she should be responsible and have a heart. But there was not even an apology.

All I know is I was lucky my dog was in a buggy or he may have been eaten alive.

Terri Tarnoci

Cascade Street

New Castle

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