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August 3, 2013

Students receive wrong message from district


Editor, The News:
The article that appeared in the July 23 edition of The News regarding the New Castle Area School District was disconcerting and a disappointment.
What is the message that is to be taken by the students from the position propounded by superintendent John Sarandrea? Do we protect cheaters?
Instead of searching the law to find authority that would preclude divulging the names of those persons who utilized the New Castle school district for a benefit they were not entitled except by way of payment, the school board hired a firm to erect a barrier between cheaters and the good citizens of New Castle who abide by the law and pay their property taxes to support the expenses of operating the school district.
Protecting the disclosure of cheaters by leaders of the school district cannot impart to its students any notion of virtuous citizenship. Whoever is responsible for this attempted concealment should seriously reconsider his position.
The Sunshine Act does not speak to what cannot be revealed. It only speaks to what must be revealed, except in the very limited circumstances of the confidentiality provisions of 65 Pa. C.S. 716, which has no application to this case.
For the school officials to use that act to defend disclosure of persons who obtained educational and other services without complying with the duty to pay for them should be ethically offensive to anyone who cares about the impact of that behavior upon those whom they instruct and lead by example.
Frank G. Verterano
Beechwood Road
New Wilmington

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