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August 1, 2013

Citizens took a stand against zoning change

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The newspaper article on the public hearing, “City may restart zoning efforts,” does not represent what happened at the hearing.

I and others who attended were disappointed in the slant of coverage.

Seventeen people spoke in favor of the historic ordinance. Only one was quoted and his quote was taken out of context. When the paper took Jerry Morgan’s quote out of context, the article made it appear he was against the ordinance when he spoke to support it.

Lawrence County Commissioner Robert Del Signore, Tourist Promotion Agency Director JoAnn McBride, historical society director Anna Mary Mooney and board members of the Historical Architectural Review Board and historical society were among those who spoke. No mention of them or their remarks was made.

Council received 14 letters supporting the ordinance. It was never mentioned in the article.

This is the second time the city has attempted to remove the teeth from the ordinance. The second time the room was filled with people in support of the ordinance showing their commitment to preserve our history. I have attended many city hearings, and it is rare to see a room full of people show up and speak.

We depend on The News to accurately report the testimony of citizens/taxpayers at city hall.

Council President MaryAnne Gavrile showed disregard for the public when she ignored speakers by texting/focusing on her cell phone while they were speaking.

This was not the first time that members of council/administration have showed their lack of respect for the public. This time a new city resident called out and addressed Gavrile as she disregarded the speaker. This was not mentioned in the article either.

If The News reported this type of behavior by city officials it would make the city more accountable for its behavior.

Audrey Przybylski

Laurel Avenue

New Castle

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