New Castle News

September 17, 2012

‘Tent City’ revelation raises real questions

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Reading about the numerous reports of crime in The News has made me rather numb to the things that are happening here in the city and surrounding areas.

The crime reports are almost expected and routine, and nothing seems to hold a surprise or shock for me, but the Sept. 1-2, front-page of The News held a jarring piece of information.

The article was titled, “Man sheds clothes after theft” and the article reported the robber escaped into the Neshannock Creek. The article further stated he was a new inhabitant of “Tent City,” a homeless encampment along the banks of Neshannock Creek.

The homeless encampment was given even more importance with the name “Tent City” having been capitalized.

I truly must live in a cocoon not to know that “Tent City” exists here in New Castle.

I can’t imagine homeless people living downtown, but “Tent City” raises multiple questions with answers left to others in the community.

Perhaps this letter will enlighten a crusader or two and spur some action to help these homeless people.

I am not a crusader and I will probably retreat into my shelter of listless ignorance and be thankful that I have a house of my own, but at least when I go to bed, I will be thinking of those unfortunate people in “Tent City.”

Gary F. Shaffer

East Hazelcroft Avenue

New Castle