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November 13, 2013

Forced health insurance is a new form of slavery

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Obamacare is a new form of slavery forcing free people to buy government insurance or else.

The government leaders don’t want such insurance for themselves, why?

Obamacare is a move toward a single-payer insurance plan where government determines who gets care, if and when, and how much.

Death panels are already in process. Just have an elderly person in the hospital to witness limited care given or the amount of drugs given to induce sleep and immobility, hurrying the death process along all in the name of “making a person comfortable.”

Oh how clever to have an organization in pocket, falsely representing the rights of people, the elderly — AARP, major contributor to Planned Parenthood helping to pay for abortions, death to those at the opposite end of the spectrum of life, its beginning.

Abortion — under the sneaky underhanded, misguided “right of a woman and her body.” The elective surgical procedure is given without a discussion of side effects. No other surgical procedure happens without that discussion.

Where are the rights of the living growing human being most vulnerable inside the womb? Just cells? DNA, the individual’s makeup or genetic code of life, is established upon conception.

Oh and those “living wills” and privacy clauses. We should be careful when signing rights away. Who decides when care no longer is effective or reasonable — doctors, nurses, insurance companies, government or God?

Obamacare — a move toward a forced single-payer insurance plan dictating care based upon one’s value or liability. I ask, if cost is considered greater than the value of a human being, where does that put most of us?

Linda M. Phillips

Sixth Street

West Pittsburg

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